ICYMI: National School Business Leaders' Day - Friday June 11th 2021
  May 17 2021
National awareness day established to recognise and celebrate the achievements of School Business Leaders.
Mental Health Awareness Week: Nature
  May 12 2021
We’re keen supporters of Mental Health Awareness Week. To help our schools and staff get involved here’s a few simple ideas of ways to enjoy nature.
Guest blog: National Tutoring Programme (NTP) from Protocol Education
  April 15 2021
The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) is high quality, heavily subsidised tutoring for schools from an approved list of tuition partners.
Make use of your old laptops
  February 11 2021
Chromebooks have many benefits for today's schools and students, especially in the current climate. Do you have an old laptop, no longer powerful enough to run Windows 10, and readying it for the rec...
Malware discovered on laptops provided by government
  January 22 2021
It has been brought to our attention that Malware has been found on school laptops given out by government. What is the latest? Teachers have reported suspicious files and the Department for Educa...
Give a Laptop Campaign
  January 11 2021
Local BBC radio stations are helping with donation of old laptops and tablets for school children to use for remote learning. Last summer local BBC radio stations helped members of the public donate ...
Customer Service Update - Direct Dials unavailable 11th Jan - AM
  January 08 2021
Please be advised that the direct dials for the Poole office staff will be unavailable on Monday 11th January between the hours 10am and midday. This is due to the installation of our new broadband ...
Dual Leader Awards
  December 01 2020
With DfE scholarship funding for NPQs currently suspended, schools are looking for alternate ways to fund the continuous professional development of their staff. Funded by the apprenticeship levy, t...
Budget Monitoring
  October 20 2020
A detailed budget plan, with several alternative scenarios based on inevitable twists and turns through the year, is essential to any school. However, all the best laid plans become ineffective if ...
Promote wellbeing and learning with our partners Thrive
  October 16 2020
Reducing the impact of lockdown on your students. The Thrive Approach® offers practical tools and training to promote wellbeing and help prevent mental health issues for all children and young peo...