Coronavirus (COVID-19) workforce fund
  March 12 2021
The ESFA have released guidance on how you can claim eligible costs related to staff absences during the period 1st November 2020 to 31st December 2020.
Malware discovered on laptops provided by government
  January 22 2021
It has been brought to our attention that Malware has been found on school laptops given out by government. What is the latest? Teachers have reported suspicious files and the Department for Educa...
Welcome back! ESFA submission dates for 2021
  January 08 2021
First of all, welcome back! No sooner are we back, we are in another lockdown. Fingers crossed this won’t be for long and we will back in schools in no time. As we return after the Christmas break...
Covid-19 Testing in Schools & Colleges from January.
  December 17 2020


Coronavirus (COVID-19) asymptomatic testing in schools and colleges. Beginning in January testing will be made available to all members of staff, all pupils and students in schools and colleges. Tes...
New funding for schools during Covid pandemic
  December 03 2020
I am sure you’re all counting down the days until you can sign off for a couple of weeks for the Christmas break. Obviously, it’s going to be a very different Christmas this year but one that I...
The Latest from the ESFA
  November 18 2020
As schools continue to deal with the ongoing difficulty, that is Covid-19, it is important that any update when it comes to school finances, is made aware of and publicised. As can be expected duri...
Promote wellbeing and learning with our partners Thrive
  October 16 2020
Reducing the impact of lockdown on your students. The Thrive Approach® offers practical tools and training to promote wellbeing and help prevent mental health issues for all children and young peo...
How schools can use Covid-19 catch-up funding to support pupils’ social and emotional needs
  October 01 2020
In July, the Government announced that children in England would benefit from a £1 billion Covid “catch-up” package to tackle the impact of lost teaching time during the pandemic. While ...
Consistent Financial Reporting framework update 2020/21
  September 07 2020
Following our previous updates about the CFR framework we have provided the latest information for 2020/2021. This year will involve a large period of adjustment for us all, not just financially bu...
2019/20 Financial Statements Deadline Extension
  August 27 2020
Due to the challenges that Covid-19 has presented, the ESFA have been constantly monitoring their demands of academy trusts, especially when it comes to the submission of their financial statements. ...