Security breaches and oversight negligence
  March 11 2021


Security is vital to all businesses and schools are no different. Schools take this subject very seriously to provide a safe environment for staff and students.
Malware discovered on laptops provided by government
  January 22 2021
It has been brought to our attention that Malware has been found on school laptops given out by government. What is the latest? Teachers have reported suspicious files and the Department for Educa...
Beware of coronavirus email scams
  April 01 2020
Families who receive Free School Meals have been targeted by a coronavirus email scam asking them to pass over their bank details. The government has issued a warning urging people not to fall for it...
Important: Spam emails
  June 24 2019
.enforcedisplay { display: block!important; } We are seeing an increasing number of spam emails slip through the spam filtering net into users' inboxes. Typically these spam emails come from use...
Email security update for schools
  February 07 2019
It has been brought to our attention that we have had a couple of instances where a rule has been set up within Microsoft Outlook email client to forward all emails to a different email address. We...