MAT Centralisation under the spotlight
  November 16 2021
This article provides news and insight on MAT centralisation. SBS' experience with MAT operations has delivered some findings which you may find useful.
Coronavirus (COVID-19) workforce fund
  March 12 2021
The ESFA have released guidance on how you can claim eligible costs related to staff absences during the period 1st November 2020 to 31st December 2020.
New RM Finance Housekeeping Course
  March 10 2021
SBS has created a remotely delivered training course to provide RM finance users with general housekeeping skills.
Update regarding the Budget Forecast Return (BFR) for 2021
  February 15 2021
This academic year has been full of deadline and submission amendments and this blog post is no different! In the latest ESFA update (10th February), it has been announced that for 2021, two academi...
GAG allocations guide 2021/22
  February 02 2021
The ESFA have this week released a guide on the General Annual Grant (GAG) allocations for 2021/22. Each academy receives a GAG allocation statement, which is uploaded to the ESFA’s Information Exc...
Welcome back! ESFA submission dates for 2021
  January 08 2021
First of all, welcome back! No sooner are we back, we are in another lockdown. Fingers crossed this won’t be for long and we will back in schools in no time. As we return after the Christmas break...
ESFA - Academies land and buildings collection tool
  December 17 2020
Not long to go now! It’s only a matter of days before we can turn our attentions to our loved ones for the Christmas period. It will certainly be one that we will remember for many reasons that is...
New funding for schools during Covid pandemic
  December 03 2020
I am sure you’re all counting down the days until you can sign off for a couple of weeks for the Christmas break. Obviously, it’s going to be a very different Christmas this year but one that I...
The Latest from the ESFA
  November 18 2020
As schools continue to deal with the ongoing difficulty, that is Covid-19, it is important that any update when it comes to school finances, is made aware of and publicised. As can be expected duri...
F&B - Essential Skills for the SBM/School Bursar Q&A Session for Maintained Schools
  November 04 2020
We at SBS have created an Essential Skills for SBM/School Bursars, Q&A Session. Our session is free to attend and will provide information for School Business Managers and School Bursars of Primary,...