Contact the ICT Service desk to guide you through setting up our online backup service guaranteeing security and privacy and ensuring you maintain your Data Protection Act responsibilities.

How do you backup your data? Are you a MAT? Do you use Office 365?

There is a common misconception held by some IT professionals that cloud services, such as Office 365, do not need to have a backup.

Together, SBS and Redstor provide:

  • Secure backup of data, including Office 365, for peace of mind and quick reinstatement as part of disaster recovery
  • Multi-year license discounts for MATs
  • Capita-approved backup service for SIMS
  • SBS also provide Intranet design using Office 365

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ISO-accredited Data Management providers

Secure, reliable, flexible, compliant and optimised for large data sets, together we are the #1 for education data management.

  • Borderless visibility and on-demand access to all school data, wherever it is stored, through a single control centre
  • Office 365 protection
  • Ransomware protection

We can support all school types with data security.

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How it works:

The school selects the data which they wish to backup either from an Administration or a Curriculum server. On the first backup, a ‘seed’ backup of the full data set takes place. When the data leaves the school’s site it’s fully compressed and encrypted and remains encrypted whilst at-rest in the data centres.

Once the seed backup has taken place, the software only sends across the incremental changes to the data on an ‘incremental forever’ basis.

Online backup

After 30 days of backups, the software performs a ‘month end’ roll up of the previous incremental backup and creates a month end. 2 month ends are kept online meaning that you have 60 days of restore points – enough to see you through the summer holidays should any of your students accidentally delete data on the last day of term!

Restoring data couldn’t be simpler. Contact our ICT Service desk who will use web management tools to restore from the installed client over the Internet, or for very large restores, data can be couriered to site, encrypted, on disk.

Some key factors

  • Capita’s approved backup service for SIMS
  • Fully automated, no human intervention or management at the school site
  • All data is encrypted before it leaves the school – AES encryption
  • Proven & tested service
  • No manual backups
  • No extra hardware, DVDs, CDs or tape
  • No data security risk and embarrassing headlines
  • Quick & easy data recovery
  • Backups and restores can be conducted anytime, from anywhere to anywhere

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