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Our service allows you to clear out your old school ICT hardware and dispose of it correctly, in line with EU regulations.

Benefits of School Asset Disposal

Compliance (WEEE) – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulation (WEEE) is a directive in the European Union that designates safe and responsible collection, recycling and recovery procedures for all types of electronic waste.

Housekeeping – Ideal for spring cleaning around the easter holidays or the summer break, asset disposal is an important housekeeping task for schools that want to clear out unused electrical items in a responsible, compliant manner.

Upgrading – In the modern business age of computing technology, it is only natural that most computer & ICT systems are constantly being upgraded to be able to keep up with the demand for newer technology, meet the latest market trends and to serve the current academic curriculum.

Our service and pricing

We offer a convenient, free of charge ICT recycling service based on a minimum criteria. This includes the supply of all legal documentation (waste transfer note, certificate of recycle).

We will collect the following hardware quantities free of charge:

  • i5 processor or newer PCs, laptops or servers – Minimum requirement of 5 complete units – For every 5 units collected, a total of 2 pallets inclusive of the above items are included within the free collection.
  • Core2duo processor or newer PCs laptops or servers – Minimum requirement of 10 complete units – For every 10 units collected, a total of 2 pallets inclusive of the above items are included within the free collection.

We can still collect hardware for small nominal fee if you don’t meet the above criteria:

  • ICT WEEE – £85 per pallet
  • Mixed WEEE – £115 per pallet
  • Smartboards – 89” and below – £115 per 4 | 89” and above – £225 per 4

We also collect Hazardous Waste – £40 if applicable

About our approved School Asset Disposal partners

  • Fully licenced WEEE recycler and refurbisher
  • Fully licenced waste carrier and broker
  • Approved authorised treatment facility
  • DCF (Designated Collection Facility)
  • Qualified technicians and PAT testers
  • Site supervised by proper COTC (WAMITAB Qualified)

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