SBS Online Allowances update

What is in the new Allowances update?

Future Values for Allowances

You will now be able to specify what allowances will be worth at any given effective date in your planner.

This negates the need to create new sets of TLRs and other allowances every time they go up in value and also results in much more accurate salary forecasting and monitoring. Simply choose a new effective date in the allowance screen and enter what it is worth. Contracts will automatically begin using the new value from the date specified.

Multiple Allowances

Staff contracts will now accept multiple allowances.

Choose each allowance from the drop down list and they will appear as a label. Just click the ‘x’ on the label to remove an allowance if needed. Multiple allowances are also clearly shown in the salary forecast section of the view contract screen.

FTE and Super Options

You can choose whether each allowance is FTE applicable and whether it should generate Superannuation contributions.

This gives you complete control over how allowances behave and improves the accuracy of your budgeting and salary monitoring.

User Control over SEN

SEN allowances are no longer Admin controlled.

You can set them up just like other allowances and apply them to staff contracts. If you are already using SEN allowances, don’t panic! The release will automatically create SEN allowances for those contracts which currently use them. However, you will need to check your contracts to ensure that the correct values are being used for each year. For this reason there may be a very small variance for these staff, but ultimately this is because they will calculate more accurately.

User Control over First Aid

First Aid is moving into the Allowances menu item.

You will be able to treat First Aid just like any other allowance. So, you can choose whether it is FTE applicable and whether it is subject to Superannuation contributions – we are aware of regional variations and so this clears up that problem. As with SEN above, if your planner currently uses a First Aid allowance, the release will automatically create a new one for you at the correct rate and apply it to the relevant contracts.

Allowances update at a glance:

  • More powerful and flexible allowance management
  • Increased budgeting accuracy
  • Improved salary monitoring
  • Fixed budgets unaffected

In addition to the Allowances update, the release will also contain the following enhancements:

  • Increased hyperlinks throughout the software to allow for quicker navigation
  • Click an analysis tag to go directly to its report
  • Return to same place in a list on saving changes to staff or budget entries
  • Back to top link
  • Save and new button
  • Improved interface for item selection
  • Bug fixes

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