SBS Budgets is a secure, cloud-based budget management system, incorporating budget planning and monitoring in one easy to use interface.

    • It is important that your vision and operating model is not confined, restricted, or determined by your software.

      We have developed SBS Budgets to the needs of our customers. We do not champion or favour a specific MAT operating model; we firmly believe that the operating model of any MAT is the product of a vision and that vision should not be compromised due to the shortcomings of your budgeting software.
    • SBS Budgets offers ‘true integration’ with IRIS Financials and we are already working with other leading MIS, accounting, and payroll providers to expand this. We have a development team dedicated to ‘true integration’. Gone are the days of manual uploads and downloads.
    • Our support is free of charge and offers budgeting advice as well as basic software support The SBS Budgets support team have years of experience working in schools and with software. The service desk is available all year, Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 17:00.
    • SBS Budgets has been designed and developed by a team of professionally qualified accountants with extensive experience working with schools, therefore we have a suite of reports out of the box ready for use.

      We are aware that as the education landscape continues to evolve and budgeting pressures mount, more bespoke reporting is required to suit individual schools and MATs. We have developed a unique reporting capability to allow for budgets within budgets. In addition to this, SBS Budgets offers unique MAT functionality, where it is possible to report and benchmark on groups of schools within the MAT, be it regional, hub, secondaries, primaries, etc.
    • Budget monitoring is the process which tracks your progress against your plan. This is not only good practice, but essential in any school or MAT, especially given the current financial pressures schools are facing through squeezed income and increased expenditure.
      • Unlimited ‘what if?’ school budget scenarios, managed up to a 5-year period (or longer if desired)
      • Accurate staff cost projections which takes into consideration additional allowances, employer’s pension, and NI contributions for staff under 21 years of age and those with multiple contracts
      • The funding predictor matches the DfE funding statements to the pound. Better still, it allows you to generate future income projections based on increasing and declining pupil numbers
      • The Student module is ideal for boarding schools, special schools, and Pupil Referral units, allowing you to project income per student
      • Numerous settings available to limit access to specific functions of the software. This can be administered by a designated user or our team members will happily accommodate any administrative requests as part of the Service desk support
      • Top Slice and GAG Pooling functionality
      • Completely cloud-based solution
      • All setup (including importing your current data i.e., staffing, accounting structure, budgets etc) handled by SBS for your convenience
      • Much more cost effective – guaranteed to be cheaper than what you are currently paying!
      • Part of the SBS Online self-service suite for School Business Management

    Features integration with IRIS Financials

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    What our users are saying about us

    "I have used SBS Budgets for a few years now and have always been completely satisfied with their product and the service that I have received."

    Lime Academy Trust
    Chingford, London

    "I’ve found the software reliable, easy to use and set up of new schools has been incredibly simple as we have grown."

    "I find the SBS Budgeting system to be simple and straight forward to use and the customer service that we receive from the team is excellent."

    Seaton Valley Federation

    "Days spent on payroll reconciliation each month have been reduced to just two or three hours."

    "I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the work you have put in and support I have already received with this software. It is really appreciated and I wish more companies worked like you."

    Suckley School

    "SBS Budgets makes budget setting a whole lot easier, providing easy-to use staffing projections, user-friendly reports and comes with a great customer support helpline as well."

    "We’ve been using SBS Budgets in our Trust for last 2 years and we’re really pleasedwith both the functionality of the product and the quality of the support from the Team."