Financial Planning and Forecasting for Multi Academy Trusts     

Strong trusts require reliable data to enable confident decision making.

SBS Budgets provides accurate financial planning and forecasting, tailored specifically to your MAT operating model.

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SBS Budgets will provide your MAT with:

Consolidated, bespoke MAT reporting and reforecasting providing a complete up to the minute picture and accurate financial insight.

Dynamic integration with the leading Accounting and MIS software. Reducing administrative burden and potential for error, whilst ensuring data consistency and reliability.

Select which MAT specific functionality to apply depending on your operating model. Choose which central settings to cascade whilst providing complete transparency.

Payroll reconciliation ensures the schools in your MATs are accurately forecasting future staffing costs. Interactive updates allow for real-time reforecasting.

Broaden engagement and empower your staff to take responsibility. With full audit control SBS Budgets provides robust accountability.

Ensure all academies in your MAT are up to date with their monitoring and have the correct settings applied via the MAT Dashboard.

With optional multi-factor authentication, bespoke user access control provided by an ISO27001 accredited company your MAT need not worry about data security.

Carry out financial due diligence on schools as your MAT grows. Ensure any schools you take on won’t become a financial burden and you achieve financial success.

Early insight into future revenue via the financial predictor, allowing your MAT to start the budget planning process earlier in year.

Learn how SBS Budgets can give you confidence in your trust’s financial data.

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