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Financial Planning & Forecasting for Single Academy Trusts

Academies need to trust their financial data and identify savings potential, allowing for reinvestment back into teaching and learning.

SBS Budgets empowers academies to make strategic, confident decisions by providing clear and accurate information.

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SBS Budgets will provide your academy with:

Unlimited scenario planning and bespoke reporting allows for economic comparisons and strategic decision making.

Ensure compliancy with DfE reporting requirements. Inbuilt Academies Chart of Accounts (CoA) and BFR reporting.

Integrated budget monitoring with real-time staffing changes provides a complete up to the minute picture and accurate financial insight.

Payroll reconciliation ensures your school is accurately forecasting future staffing costs. Interactive updates allow for real-time reforecasting.

Early insight into future revenue via the funding predictor, allowing you to start your budget planning process earlier in the year.

Dynamic integration with the leading Accounting and MIS software. Reducing administrative burden and potential for error, whilst ensuring data consistency and reliability.

Broaden engagement and empower your staff to take responsibility. With full audit control SBS Budgets provides robust accountability.

Staff Salary statements produced directly from your budget plan ensures accuracy, keeps staff happy and updated, whilst saving you time.

With optional multi-factor authentication, bespoke user access control provided by an ISO27001 accredited company your school need not worry about data security.

Learn how SBS Budgets can give you confidence in your trust’s financial data.

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