Thomas Buxton Primary School

Thomas Buxton Primary School


Primary school upgrades vital technology to future-proof and improve performance

Thomas Buxton Primary School is a two-form entry community primary school with a nursery.

Thomas Buxton is right in the heart of Whitechapel’s vibrant, multicultural community. Teachers and support staff take full advantage of the facilities and experiences, both locally and in central London, to enrich the children’s learning.

The school’s objectives

The schools existing network worked to a degree, however, after a couple of years, the school simply outgrew the capabilities provided by this network management system. Users required more flexibility from the school IT system, faster response times and improved efficiency from IT technicians, in addition to keeping up with changes in technology.

How SBS services helped

SBS technicians recommended migrating from the existing system to Vanilla Network, and concurrently upgrade the server hardware. The project plan covered every aspect of the transition, and development work was carried out during the summer break. One server and 140 clients, desktops and laptops were completely reinstalled, along with upgraded server hardware to meet the new requirements.

"Children are able to use different forms of technology with confidence to really get involved in learning and explore the world around them. The SBS team has the knowledge to make all this happen, and they care enough to go the extra mile when it’s needed.”
Lorraine Flanagan Headteacher

The impact

Since Thomas Buxton Primary School migrated to a Vanilla management system, logon times have been substantially reduced, and desktops and laptops are running much more effectively. This enables teachers to start their ICT lessons on time and maximise teaching and learning. Users can easily customise their working environment; technicians can freely adjust system settings and respond to requests significantly faster.

This includes deploying new software packages and upgrades, installing new workstations and managing the whole school network domain.

Lorraine Flanagan, Headteacher, commented; “SBS has done a great job in making the most of technology in our school. Teachers know that the equipment is going to work and do what they have planned.

Next steps

SBS continues to provide twice a week onsite support and advice by means of friendly, skilled and proactive ICT technicians. In addition SBS provides MIS and Financial management advice and these three services work together in the best interests of the school to look after all back office requirements. All services are backed-up further by highly-trained and professional helpdesk staff who can remotely and quickly respond to requests and queries that may arise.