SIMS End of Key Stage

SIMS End of Key Stage

The 2016/2017 key stage tests phase commences soon with the Key Stage 2 tests taking place in the week beginning Monday 8th May.

As you will know, key stage tests come at a very busy time for schools with both the test administration and preparation of SIMS for data entry and submission.

Here you will find the comprehensive guidance booklet which sets out all the steps required in SIMS, including:

  • Installing the AMPA resources
  • Selecting the Key Stage Wizards for import
  • Validating marksheet entries
  • Generating individual reports
  • Exporting data for submission

Understandably, as this is a one a year process, even the most experienced staff in schools can find that they’ve forgotten what they did the year before; that’s where we are very much here to help.

Support options

Our experienced Service Desk staff are at the end of the phone to deal with your queries. However, we do have some additional support options:

Remote Service

Our SIMS End of Key Stage remote service has been specifically designed to alleviate school staff of the administrative burden around SIMS setup and readiness for End of Key Stage.


This year we will be offering a half day SIMS Assessment Top Tips & Techniques – Primary course at our London training venue, Swiss Cottage School. This session, aimed at users of SIMS Assessment, will refresh your knowledge of marksheets, missing results reports and various best practices in Assessment Manager.

You may also be interested in the Assessment Analysis courses (Primary & Secondary) we are holding in June.

Onsite consultancy

As ever, you can book a consultant to visit your school to assist with the End of Key Stage processing. Appointments do get booked up quickly so make sure you have arranged something as soon as possible if this is your preferred option.

Please contact us on 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or email the MIS Service Desk if you wish to discuss anything further.

Tidy up time

Although Census time allows schools to update a lot of information held in SIMS, the same old data issues often persist (contacts not showing correctly, no little houses, names in upper and lower cases to name but a few). Our School Housekeeping service is designed to ensure that your pupil data is tidy and make it more […]


SIMS for Safeguarding

With Ofsted placing greater emphasis on safeguarding than ever before, it is essential that staff in schools are aware of their responsibilities and have confidence in the monitoring systems that are in place. School safeguarding defined Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people is defined in the Government publication Working together to […]


SIMS and FMS End of Year Procedures

As the summer term rolls on, schools will already be preparing for their new intake in September, the changes to classes next year and also the end of term leavers. When it comes to the procedures in SIMS and FMS, it is never too early to start preparations. Via the links below you will find detailed guidance for all […]


Education for All

“A Bill will be brought forward to lay foundations for educational excellence in all schools, giving every child the best start in life. There will also be a fairer balance between schools, through the National Funding Formula.” – The Queens Speech, 18th May 2016. The purpose of this Bill is to: Spread educational excellence everywhere, […]


SIMS Training Courses – new dates available

Understanding how to make the most of your SIMS data is key to supporting whole school improvement At School Business Services, we know the difference it can make to staff when they feel confident in using SIMS and we understand the ways to maximise the use of your data. Our courses are designed to provide you […]


SIMS Assessment is a BETT Show winner for 2016

We are pleased to announce that Capita/SIMS is a BETT Show Awards 2016 winner. We are very pleased to share the news that SIMS Assessment with the SIMS Teacher app has been voted best ICT Tool for Teaching, Learning and Assessment at the Bett Awards 2016. Find out more → We are proud to be supporting SIMS […]


Assessment – Track pupils progress whatever method you choose

Capita have published a new document for assessment which we feel would be useful for our schools. Assessment should support teaching and learning and be driven by your school’s own assessment policy. This guide contains all you need to know about how SIMS Assessment can help you, whether you’re a primary or secondary school. SIMS Assessment […]


Spring Census Preparation Documents

The Spring census is fast approaching - Census day is Thursday 21st January. To help you prepare, our step by step documentation is now available for you to download via the links below. You will also find a quick guide to the changes in this year’s Spring Census compared to Spring 2015 which also includes information on the eligibility criteria for Early Years […]


Spring Census is just around the corner!

The date for the Spring 2016 Census is Thursday 21st January 2016 We will be publishing the school census documentation at the beginning of the new year, however, should you require an onsite consultancy visit to help you with the running of the school census or wish to book our Census Remote Service then please […]


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