Have you updated your Additional Staffing allowances?


Here at SBS HQ we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. As part of this we make it our responsibility to perform random spot checks on planners every now and again. If and when we see anything that we feel may not be quite right, we contact the school to discuss.

On this occasion we have noticed that there are a number of schools who may not have updated their Allowance values to cater for the changes in September 2015, particularly the new TLR and SEN rates.

This is really quick and easy to do.

Please see below a quick reminder:

  • Go to Staffing > Allowances.
  • Select your latest Current budget using the green bar, and check that the details are accurate and displaying the most recent values
  • In some cases you may show multiple values for the same Allowance, just starting on different dates.
  • To update an allowance with the latest value, click ‘edit’ next to the relevant item
  • Click the ‘+ Add effective date’ button
  • Select the date that the new value was effective and and populate the new value in the corresponding ‘Rate’ field (eg. £2,064 for SEN1 and £4,075 for SEN2 from 1st September 2015)
  • Click ‘Save changes’

All contracts across all non-fixed budgets where this allowance is in use will now be updated to start referencing the new value at the specified date.

As ever, should you have any questions, please be sure to contact the Service Desk on 0345 222 1551

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