Funding Predictor and other updates


We have introduced a new version of our Funding Predictor in SBS Online.

The new version Funding Predictor allows our schools who have FSM plus FSM6 to input both of these values. We have also updated our high needs area to allow for difference within occupied and unoccupied student places.

Not only this, but you can now manually add inflation %s to each year, allowing you to calculate an idea of your future years’ grant amount.

For more information on the new Funding Predictor, and how to start using it, please head to your SBS Online dashboard where you will see further instructions.

Other updates in SBS Online includes the loading of reports.

This is because the generation reports have also been updated, and the page now automatically refreshes once all the data is on screen. This will make loading reports smoother and quicker.

Moreover, we are aware that many of our users will create a new budget by duplicating an old one and rolling the years forward. To assist with the process we have implemented a policy where the value from the Budget Entries final year of the original budget are now also being carried forward to the new end year of the budget.

We have also made a few updates to enhance the user experience!

As ever, any questions, concerns or thoughts, please let us know on 0345 222 1551 • Option 8 or via

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