Important news: Issue with the Summer 2018 Census in SIMS

SIMS Spring release

Capita have made us aware that there is an issue with the current census that may affect your school.

Please read the statement from Capita below and if this applies to you please be aware that Capita are working on a fix for this.

Please feel free to email us to let us know that you are being affected by this issue and we will ensure that you are contacted once a fix has been issued.

“Unfortunately, there is bug in our Census applications that results in the data that schools have provided in the Early Years panel not being reflected in the XML return file for pupils with a DOB of 31/03/2016. Where this problem has occurred it will definitely trigger DfE validation errors 1852 and is also likely to trigger DfE validation error 1855. If your school is receiving validation error 1855, this is almost certainly the explanation, but this can be confirmed by checking the basic details report for the presence of a pupil with a DOB of 31/03/2016. I apologise for this mistake on our part and I can assure you that we will provide a patch to resolve the issue ASAP.”

Remember that to carry out this census you will need your SIMS updated to the latest version (7.180) and imported the latest fileset 902 which you can find in the previous blog post.

Please email the SIMS Service Desk to report the main issue in this blog, or for any other queries you can email us or contact us on 0345 222 1551 • Option 3

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