Inspection, SIMS and the Single Central Record


The guidance paper shown has been created by ASCL and Capita/SIMS and we felt this should be shared with our schools.

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This paper is relevant to school and college leaders in England, as well as staff with a responsibility for maintaining the Single Central Record (SCR). The inspection of safeguarding is one of the most significant elements of a school inspection.

Consequently, even an otherwise good or outstanding school can be downgraded to inadequate overall if safeguarding is not judged to be effective. A school’s SCR is a key part of the evidence inspectors consider when inspecting safeguarding.

This guidance paper aims to assist schools and colleges consider how they meet the statutory requirements relating to recording checks on staff and others, and how they might provide the necessary evidence required when their school or college is inspected. Given that many schools use SIMS as their Management Information System (MIS), ASCL has worked with Capita to produce the following guidance on how to use SIMS to manage and produce a SCR. SIMS allows you to customise the checks you include in the SCR so that schools can go beyond the minimum requirements as they wish.

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