Quick and easy document scanning directly into SIMS


Introducing Brother’s Direct Scan Solution

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The Brother Direct Scan Solution is a clever piece of software which connects the scanner directly with SIMS, streamlining the whole process of storing school records.

Many schools have already realised the benefits of using the linked document features within SIMS; allowing multiple types of information to be stored electronically within the pupil record. However, creating those files manually still takes time: scanning…uploading…renaming…saving. Then of course, repeating the whole process again for every member of the class or year group.

Using the Brother Direct Scan Solution, documents are named, uploaded and allocated to the correct pupil automatically, dramatically reducing the time taken for the task.

You specify what records you want to create for which pupils. Brother’s Direct Scan Solution sets up all the necessary folders, then tells you when to scan each piece of paperwork on the scanner control screen.

And when pupils move from your school, their information can be exported as digital files and sent on so that the new school can have a complete set of electronic records.

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