New Census Fileset 1102 for Spring Census 2019

New census fileset

As notified in the previous blog we have been waiting for a new census fileset which has just been released.

This fileset provides the following changes compared to Fileset 1100 and is now available below.

  • CES Census 2019 (Catholic Schools in England) – Improvement to the pupil detail report.
  • School Census Spring 2019 (State Schools in England) – Base version of the DfE validation & DfE summary report.

Download the fileset now! →

Please ensure that you have had your Summer upgrade and are on SIMS 7.184 and then carry out the instructions below to import the latest file.

Downloading and Applying a Fileset

  • Save the ZIP file to an available folder; it doesn’t matter what folder is chosen as the ZIP does not contain any sensitive data.
  • Extract (unzip) the .mfs file to an available folder, it is fine to use the same folder as that where you downloaded the ZIP.
  • Open SIMS and select Tools | Setups | Import Fileset.
  • You can use the browse to select the .mfs file.
  • A rectangle outlining the content of the Fileset will appear. If you are happy with the content you should click ‘Import Fileset’ button.
  • A message will appear in the rectangle to indicate that the Fileset is being imported.
  • When the import is complete a message will pop up reminding you that you should restart SIMS.
  • After you have restarted SIMS you will see the new Fileset number displayed in the Statutory Returns applications.

Should you wish us to import the fileset for you please contact our SIMS Service Desk on 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or email

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