Wednesday budgeting webinars - Autumn 2021

Posted  3rd August 2021
Posted by  Scott Pulley

We're delivering a series of budgeting webinars in the autumn for both existing users and non users of SBS Budgets

They're free! And each one is standalone. Designed for school staff with any level of budgeting experience!

User sessions

Please note: These sessions are for SBS Budgets users only

Budgets setting/scenario building

13th October | 10am-11am

Session will include:

  • Creating budget scenarios
  • Changing underlying settings
  • Budget/scenario comparisons

Analysing your budget

20th October | 10am-11am

Session will include:

  • Analysis tags
  • Staff by year report
  • Reports


Please note: These demonstrations are for non users only

Maintained Schools

22nd September, 10am-11am

Multi Academy Trusts

29th September, 10am-11am

Why attend?

Are you looking for a new budget management software or simply wish to compare against what you currently use? If so then this webinar will be perfect for you:

Do any of the points below ring true with your current budget software or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets:

  1. Frustrated with incorrect calculations for staff with multiple contracts?
  2. Pay for software support that doesn’t give you an answer there and then?
  3. No ability to create customised reports and easily plan for PP spend or other ring fenced funds?
  4. Limited MAT reporting options – want to slice and dice your data into clusters? Or see the split by school?
  5. Integrated monitoring – frustrated that you can’t easily keep track of where you are against budget throughout the year
  6. Are you a special school and struggle to plan for the specific pupil funding?
  7. Can’t access old budget data
  8. Does your software mould to your MAT structure be it centralised, decentralised or somewhere in between?
  9. Governors/boards used to specific report formats but you currently have to produce these manually?
  10. No integration with your finance tool (only applicable to IRIS Financials users currently )

If even just one of these points rings true then please sign up to our presentations in September. This will give you an overview of who we are, what SBS Budgets can provide and why we have been continually growing our user base across maintained schools and MATs on a year to year basis.

Anyone who attends one of the presentations and ends up signing up before 1st April 2022 will be eligible to a 10% discount off of the standard annual software subscription.


Contact us

If you have any questions or requests please contact us on 0345 222 1551 | Option 5 or email