Important changes to Microsoft UK licensing

Posted  8th November 2016

From 2017, Microsoft will increase the pricing of all UK licences

Why the increase and how much is it?

To keep their British pricing in line with European Union pricing, Microsoft has announced a 13% increase in licensing for onsite software and a 22% increase for cloud services. This will take effect from January 1st 2017.

How should schools respond to this news?

Businesses throughout the UK will have until December 31st 2016 to purchase Microsoft UK licensing at the current rate. For schools, this gives you just 6 weeks to confirm your agreement before closing for the end of the Autumn term.
  • If you are an existing Microsoft customer we recommend that your renew your subscription before this date to avoid the price increase
  • Likewise, if your school is not a Microsoft customer and is considering Microsoft subscription-based products, we recommend purchasing before this date to ensure the best possible pricing
  • Furthermore, a 3-year agreement (subject to annual pricing) will ensure that 2016 pricing is retained over this period, resulting in a significant saving for your school

Which Microsoft packages would SBS recommend?

Education Desktop with Core CAL Suite Licensing Package

Designed for Education, and with an annually renewable 3-year subscription, this package includes: 1. Windows Enterprise Upgrade 2. Microsoft Office Professional Plus & Office for Mac 3. Microsoft Core CAL Suite This is the most cost effective way to ensure that a school is fully licensed for all devices, except servers. If required, server licensing can easily be added to this Microsoft Enrolment for Education Solutions (ESS) subscription. Find out more | Contact us

Office 365 for Education

Free for schools and accessed from a secure cloud-based system, Office 365 accommodates educational resources, calendars, contacts and emails. We provide a free consultation and ongoing support for this powerful office and classroom solution. Find out more | Contact us
If you would like to know more or discuss your Microsoft licensing agreement with our Procurement team please contact us on 0345 222 1551 • Option 7 or email us.