Make use of your old laptops

Posted  11th February 2021

Chromebooks have many benefits for today's schools and students, especially in the current climate.

Do you have an old laptop, no longer powerful enough to run Windows 10, and readying it for the recycling bin?

STOP! Read on because you might be surprised at just how useful it can still be. It’s time to put your school's older PCs and Macs back to work. In these tough times of delivering remote learning and with many families without access to their own device, your old laptops may well be the answer.

What if your old laptops, could be converted into Chromebooks? Neverware provides various software solutions that can turn pretty much any laptop into a working Chromebook, and depending on which version you choose, they could also be managed within your existing Google Admin account. Obviously, the faster the laptop the better the experience, but from the CloudReady website, they say that any laptop made within the last twelve years, which has 2GB or more of RAM should work fine. That is likely to cover the majority of laptops that are in schools today!

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