New and exciting technologies in school ICT

Posted  10th June 2021
Posted by  Luke Phelps

At SBS we're continually researching the latest education technology products & services to benefit schools

Here are a few of the recent products and how they function to support the school ICT estate. If you need any further information please contact us.

Microsoft InTune

Microsoft InTune is a cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for your iOS, Android and Windows devices, which allows you to seamlessly deploy operating systems, applications, updates and security policies remotely at the click of a button, wherever you (or the devices) are in the world.

Usually, if you wanted to install an application on a device, your IT department would physically need it to hand, or they would push out the application via group policy on your network. But this is no longer the case now that device management is moving to the cloud, just like everything else.

You can customize which applications and policies are available to specific users. For example, you can disable the camera on your devices when a student is logged in, but have it enabled when an SLT member is logged in, allowing them to carry out their Zoom/Teams meetings.

SBS has implemented this as a company, and it has made the device management so much more efficient and streamlined for our IT department.

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Printix – Secure Cloud Print Management

Cloud printing has traditionally been a tough nut to crack, until now with Printix.

It allows you to securely print to any printer (which has been configured by your IT department) from wherever you are in the world. Printix can be linked to Azure AD or G Suite for quick deployment and meaning there is no need to remember another password for another product!

Printix supports Windows, Apple (Mac) and Android (Chrome) devices, including phones and tablets, meaning all your school owned tech and BYODs are covered.

From an IT perspective, this solution is simple to implement and manage, with features such as silent client software deployment and automatic software updates.

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And one for the techies... Ubiquiti Unifi Network Switches

From personal experience the most common brand of network switches within schools is Netgear, but it seems there is a new kid on the block in recent times – Unifi!

Most network switches pretty much do the same thing; provide you with a 1GB backbone for your network as well as PoE (power over ethernet) if required. PoE network switches allow you to power, for example, a wireless access point via network cable alone. This means you do not need to plug it into the mains.

It is the management side of things that sets Unifi apart from the rest. If you already have Unifi managed wireless, you can ‘adopt’ the network switches into the console so you can centrally manage all hardware. Here is a screenshot of a Unifi switch adopted into the same management console as the wireless network:

The management interface for Unifi is very pleasing on the eye and user friendly. The firmware for all devices can be easily updated via the console – it will even let you know when one is available. Unifi switches can also provide you with failure alerts, but these will be few and far between with its built-in advanced cooling system.

Another cool feature for Unifi is an app for augmented reality switch management. This uses AR technology to allow you to quickly glance at the configuration and status of your network switch and ports, by putting your phone in front of the network switch itself:

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I hope you have found this information useful. If you require any help or support, please contact SBS and we will be happy to help on  0345 222 1551 • Option 1 or email

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