Raspberry Pi in Education

Posted  20th May 2021
Posted by  Richard Mace
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Raspberry Pi was originally released 9 years ago as a project designed to promote computer science in schools.

Since then, it has come a long way, evolving from a very modest single processor and only 512MB of memory to the latest version 4 which is equipped with a quad core processor and up to 8GB memory.

It remains popular amongst computer and electronic hobbyists because of its low cost, modularity, open design and adoption of HDMI and USB devices. Whilst evolving, it has kept schools and education firmly in mind, meaning it remains an excellent tool for teachers.

“We have been developing curriculum-based teaching content for 5-to-17-year-olds as part of the National Centre for Computing Education in England. All of these teaching and learning resources are available for free for anyone to use anywhere in the world.”

That’s great, but it’s not a PC though?

No, it’s not a PC in that you can’t easily put Windows 10 on it.

So, what can it be used for then?

Well, it easily runs an operating system called Raspberry OS, which comes with many of the apps you’re probably used to running on Windows, including Google Chrome.

...and what can I use it for?

It’s really good for the education sector and young budding coders. Their website has many different articles on projects you can work on, here is an extract:

“Our projects include step-by-step instructions to support young people of all ages and skill levels. Plus, they’re available in up to 30 languages and take less than an hour to complete.”

And some examples:

Learn how to use Scratch to create musical instruments, animations, games and other interactive apps:


Learn how to build and style your own website pages using HTML and CSS


Code in Python, a widely used general-purpose, text-based programming language:


Lots more info can be found on their website:


Advice - how can SBS help?

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