June saw the culmination in a lot of hard work and time invested in development and testing.

Posted  2nd July 2014
We released a new type of reporting code – Cost Centres. In many ways Cost Centres are similar to Analysis Tags, as they are independent of both your budget codes and the financial reporting codes. They can be assigned to both your budget entries and your service terms (for which you can assign three separate Cost Centres under which to report all basic salary, NI and Pension costs per service term). Proper use of Cost Centres allows users to dissect their budget in a third dimension to not only report, but also monitor! For full details of how to get started and using Cost Centres, please see the interactive help articles, or of course, feel free to give Service Desk a call who will be happy to help. Other significant release items in June:
  • 2014 Teacher Salary Scales released for September budget planning. Please note the home page where we give directions and recommendations of how to apply to your budget
  • Ability to mass import Service Terms
  • Ability to import files containing symbols (£) into the Salary Monitor
  • Additional totals and subtotals for many reports
Next up Throughout July our focus will be shifting. In the coming days we will be releasing a button in the (edit) staff contract screen which will allow users to automatically apply incremental rises to contracts. Look out for your home screen, latest news update! At the time we release the incremental rises button, we will also introduce a new user access type – a ‘view only’ user. Many of our valued customers have been requesting this as they wish to give system access to certain colleagues to allow them to access and view the system and budgets, but stay safe in the knowledge that nothing can be adjusted. This will deliver just that. When released be sure to get in touch with any user set up requests – remember that there are no costs for additional users! Later in July we will be looking to hit a significant milestone on the development of SBS Online. This is the result of listening to our customers. There will be a two staged release. The first will see the introduction of what we are calling ‘bulk deletes’. This will essentially allow users to select multiple items and delete with a single click of a button. The second stage will be ‘bulk amends’ – allowing users to select multiple entries and apply a bulk amend rule.