New funding for schools during Covid pandemic

Posted  3rd December 2020
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I am sure you’re all counting down the days until you can sign off for a couple of weeks for the Christmas break.

Obviously, it’s going to be a very different Christmas this year but one that I am sure we will remember! Prior to that though, I just wanted to bring to your attention some new funding information that you may not be aware of. Not only are schools experiencing great difficulty with pupil attendance during this pandemic, but a lot of pressure also comes with funding issues as a result of staff absences. Last week (27th November) the DfE announced a new fund designed for schools and colleges facing significant funding pressure, and will cover the costs of high levels of staff absences over a minimum threshold, to help ensure schools and colleges can remain open. The fund will importantly be backdated to 1st November and cover the current half term. Details of the specifics will be published shortly. This is in addition to the largest increase to school funding in a decade with £2.6bn increase this year followed by £2.2bn next year as well as the £1bn Covid-19 catchup premium in the summer. The Government has assured us that the pressures that schools and colleges are facing will be constantly reviewed with the main aim of all students attending on a full-time basis. However should any school or college need additional support above and beyond what is currently available you should make contact with the Department’s regional school commissioner or ESFA territorial teams.

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