New Teacher Scales for September 2015

Posted  8th July 2015
Following the announcement of the new pay scales for teachers from September 2015, we have created two new tables for you to choose between and apply in your budget settings:
  • Teacher Scales – Sept 2015 (A)
  • Teacher Scales – Sept 2015 (B)
The reason we have created two tables is because the new scales offer an option on some scale points (M6, L18, L21, L24, L27, L31, L35, L39 and L43) between a 0% uplift on the 2014 scales and a 2% uplift. This choice depends on which pay policy your school has committed to. Table A includes a 1% uplift on all scales with the exception of L18, L21, L24, L27, L31, L35, L39 and L43, where there is no uplift. Table B includes a 1% uplift of all scales, with the exception of M6 which has a 2% uplift.

Note all AST scales have remained unchanged across both Table A and Table B. To add either of the new salary tables to a budget: 1. Go to ‘Settings > Budgets’ 2. Edit the appropriate budget 3. Scroll down to ‘Teacher scale tables’ 4. Click ‘Add Teacher scale table’ 5. Set the effective date to 1st September 2015 6. Pick the A or B table from the ‘Version’ drop down list 7. Click ‘Save changes’ In the edited budget, all of your teaching contracts will now automatically use the new scale values from 1st September 2015. As always when adding new scale tables, you should also go to ‘Staffing > Inflation and Superannuation’ and check the inflation in use against teachers. You should remove any inflation points for September 2015 by clicking on its percentage value and then the red delete button. This will avoid any double counting in your reporting. You should repeat this process for any other non-fixed budgets in which you would like to use the new scale tables. In cases where you may need to use a mixture of scales from the two tables, you can solve this problem by using SBS Online’s custom scales functionality. If you have any questions about applying the new teacher scale tables, please contact the Service Desk on 0845 300 8179 or send an email to