SBS to support new MIS software, IRIS Ed:gen from IRIS Education

Posted  2nd December 2021
Posted by  SBS Partner

Continuing our mission to deliver the greatest MIS advice and support for schools, our latest accreditation is IRIS Ed:gen, the ‘cloud-based, future-fit alternative’ from our partners IRIS.

See their partner blog below:

Partner blog from IRIS Education

IRIS Education - IRIS Ed:gen MIS technology

Say no to auto-renew!

Innovation is challenging – are you aware of the latest technologies available? 

Technology develops at pace, and so do our expectations. We see it in our everyday lives – we want access to information as quickly and simply as possible – and that’s no different for schools. So, it’s important that schools regularly review the market to check that what they are using is still the right fit for them.

Think twice before you commit

There was a bit of a stir recently when it was announced that SIMS have issued 3 year auto-renewals as part of their new terms and conditions. This means that many customers who have already been using the technology for years will be signed in for many more – and some schools might not even realise that’s what they are signing up for. Some believe this change triggers government legislation whereby a three-year extension counts as a material change of a school’s MIS contract, requiring schools to enter a formal procurement process.

What now?

The upshot is both negative and positive: firstly, many are now faced with the daunting task of changing their MIS in the face of a fast-approaching deadline. More positively however, this is an opportunity and a prompt to schools to see what else is available. Change can be daunting, but what if changing your MIS was positive? What if the migration was smooth and the system was easy to use? What if a new MIS gave your school or trust tools to further improve workload and pupil outcomes?

IRIS Ed:gen from IRIS Education logo

Introducing IRIS Ed:gen

Discover the power of real-time data, with IRIS Ed:gen. A next-generation MIS designed for state schools and trusts, this new technology is easy to access and use partly thanks to its cloud-based nature. Data can be checked from anywhere, from a desktop in the classroom, a laptop in the staff room, or a mobile app on the school football pitch.

Key features:

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Real-time data at your fingertips
  • A central view of everything you need to know
  • Streamline your school management

All of this means that IRIS has created an MIS that tangibly improves productivity and saves schools and trusts time, offering the potential to lead to even bigger positive outcomes for pupils.

Make sure your MIS is future-fit

Order IRIS Ed:gen by 17 December and IRIS will guarantee:

  • You’ll be up and running before 31 March 2022
  • Free implementation and training
  • 12-month contract options
  • Nothing to pay until 1 April 2022

Don't miss the window of opportunity

  1. Give your notice now.
    Check the terms of your agreement and don’t miss the end of December deadline for giving your notice.
  2. Take some time to evaluate your options.
    You have 3 months to decide which MIS is best for your school or trust, so use the time to evaluate your options. Migration to a modern cloud MIS takes a matter of weeks– and if you decide you want to stick with your existing MIS, you can always reinstate your old contract.
  3. Get advice from your support unit.
    They understand your needs and can help you to make informed decisions.

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