SBL Superheroes

Posted  11th May 2021
Posted by  SBL Day Partner
SBL Superheroes

Laura Williams Partner Blog

You know I call SBLs superheroes on a regular basis. Not because I’m blowing smoke, but because sometimes you and those around you need reminding about how awesome you really are.

So when I heard that there was going to be a day that celebrates your superpowers and all that you’ve achieved I was thrilled!

Why? Because you have achieved so much! And because this world is still full on crazy and we are still flying by the seats of our pants daily, you’ve not yet had the chance to reflect on exactly how far you’ve come.

We talk about this quite a bit in the special National SBL Day Podcast (check it out here!) but I also wanted to write something to remind you of how strong you actually are even when – and perhaps especially when – you’re not feeling it.

  • You have found answers from the most reluctant of people
  • You have written your own answers when faced with deafening silence
  • You have made decisions in the absence of direction
  • You have spoken up when people would have preferred you to stay quiet
  • You have shone lights into the darkest of spaces
  • You have spoken the truth to those who would rather not know.

...and whilst doing all of those things

  • you have fed your students.
  • you have looked after your staff.
  • you have provided safety to those who needed it.
  • you have supported learning in ways that we never knew we could.
  • you have performed actual wizarding wonders on your budget to resource your front line.
  • you have got up every single day, rolled up your sleeves and gone to battle.

...and you are still standing.

In ‘normal’ times, being a SBL often felt lonely but over the last year and a bit we have learned that though we may feel lonely, we are not alone. We have found strength in each other.

We’ve picked each other up when we’ve tripped, we’ve carried each other when we didn’t think we could make it another step and we’ve lifted each other high on our shoulders when we had successes to celebrate – and there were many even amongst all the crap!

National School Business Leaders Day is for you – it is your time to reflect, it’s your time to pause and sit with each other and say ‘You know what, we are frickin’ superheroes. Check out how amazing we are! Look at what we have achieved!’

It’s time to shout about the profession that we all love so that those who don’t know what we do can understand, so that those who currently look over our heads start to look us in the eye and that those who are thinking of joining us in this rewarding, crazy SBL world know exactly what we’re about.

So stand tall, feet apart, chin up, hands on hips and strike that superhero pose.

Because you are a superhero.

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