National School Business Leaders' Day - Friday June 10th 2022

Posted  17th May 2022
Posted by  SBS Events
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National awareness day coming up to recognise and celebrate the achievements of School Business Leaders.

Celebrated on June 10th, School Business Services has created the National School Business Leaders' Day to recognise the incredible contribution School Business Leaders (SBLs) make to their schools and the wider community. National School Business Leaders’ Day and the lead up to it, will focus on the vital role SBLs play and recognise the amazing way that they have championed and supported one other.

We'd love to see all SBLs at the event!

Activities in the run-up to and on Friday June 10th 2022 will include:

  • Celebration event, including guest speakers Martine Wright and Action Jackson
  • Give and receive #SBLKudos
  • Partner competitions
  • Goodie bags

Give kudos to a deserving SBL

Senior leaders and school staff are encouraged to leave their own #SBLKudos message for someone. Whether that’s supporting emerging practitioners, thanking peers that mentor other SBLs, or stories of specific achievements and ingenious solutions.

Submissions will be displayed on our live feed and via the SBS Twitter.

We salute everything SBLs do for their schools, especially in the last twelve months which have arguably been the toughest in the history of education. In addition to championing the profession we’re hoping to raise awareness of courageous leadership in and out of the sector. We would really value sector support and help to pause, reflect and celebrate the talent and achievements within school business leadership.

See the #SBLKudos

Keynote from Martine Wright

Martine Wright MBE, 7/7 survivor, lost both legs in the Circle line bombing during the 2005 terrorist attacks in London. She considers herself a lucky woman with a whole new life of opportunities. Martine has since rebuilt her life, skydived, earned her pilot’s license, become a wife, become a mother, become captain of the British Paralympic Sitting volleyball team, charity ambassador, mentor to patients, Patron and an inspirational and motivational speaker. Martine is now busy sharing her journey from despair to determination to succeed through her motivational talks. She lives with in Hertfordshire with her husband Nick, son Oscar and Daisy the dog, and is living testament to how catastrophic life-changes can have positive outcomes. - Read more >

Keynote from Action Jackson

Action Jackson is the UK ambassador for happiness, an award winning motivational speaker and author, television talk show host and a mentor to many. Specialising in motivation, leadership, public speaking, creativity and innovation, he has spent the last 20 years travelling across the UK and the world, motivating and empowering people to DREAM BIG, ACT NOW, never give up because of the Greatness within them. - Read more >

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