Top tips for school staffing budget

Posted  30th January 2019

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Here at SBS Online, we know just how important efficient Staffing Budgeting is.

Therefore, we have been thinking about staffing tips to make your life easier! With the new Superannuation proposal for September 2019 having a possible rise of 40% from the current 16.48% to 23.6%, one question everyone is asking is what the implications of this to your School Budget are. SBS Online gives you the ability to duplicate your budget and run a comparative report so you can prepare for this proposed massive jump. With Superannuation being controlled at school level, and being Budget Specific, this gives our users the power to prepare for different projections. Moreover, with the ability to add compound inflation on the same page as your Superannuation, you can ensure you are budgeting efficiently for the whole duration of your budget. The compound Inflation applies to your contracts to give you an accurate idea on what each staff members’ salaries may progress to for the duration of your budget. You can also Bulk Auto-Increment your salaries to project for any Scale increases that might occur. Simply set a Maximum Salary Scale to the contract and our Auto-Increment feature will increase the scale each yeah, inline with the date specified in your budget settings, until the end of the budget or the Maximum Salary Scale is reached. Finally, you can use the ‘Staff By Year Report’ to get a detailed breakdown of the years salaries, you can Subtotal via the Service Terms to generate a total cost of each Staffing area. The ability to look at the salaries month by month to assess any new starters and savings that can be made in the year. These are just a few of our useful staffing tips!
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