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This is the seventh installment of our SBS Online Redesign Blog Series.

This series of blogs has been created to ensure that schools are familiar with the software redesign before it is released. Not an SBS Online user? Book a demonstration →

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Preview of the Edit & Save Button

The ‘edit’ button has always been found on the top right of the screen or on the right-hand side for individual rows. The button will remain in the same location and will function as before. The ‘save’ button however, will no longer be at the bottom of each screen and will be conveniently placed in the same spot as the ‘edit’ button. In the top right, simply click the tick to save any changes that have been made. This reduces scrolling and will enable the quicker, easier updating of details.

SBS Online Search

This is how it looks currently:

Edit Save Button

About this blog series

As mentioned in the previous blogs of this series, the redesign of our school budget management software SBS Online will greatly improve the user experience, make financial planning easier and save significant time when navigating across the menus.

We have always concentrated on functionality and performance over cosmetics. However we feel that it is about time SBS Online had a bit of a facelift.

In preparation for this we will post several blogs from now until the release to give you a taste of the differences and similarities between the current software and the new design.

Our support before, during and after release

We are working hard to ensure that the redesign will greatly improve the user experience, make your budgeting easier and save you time when navigating across the software.

It’s also very important to us that the update causes minimal disruption to our users. We’re excited for you to see the redesigned software in full and we’re confident that this series of blogs will ensure that you are familiar with how it looks before it is even released!

The vast majority of menu items and sub-menu page locations will remain untouched. They may just appear in a different layout. We love that SBS Online is simple to use and intuitive and this will remain central to the redesign brief.

On the release day the SBS Online Service Desk team will be on hand as ever to help you with any queries.

Want to find out more?

Book a demonstration →

See the SBS team demonstrating the software live at Academies Show London on 25th April.

Join one of our Budget Management Focus Groups across the country. This will give users the opportunity to trial the redesign before it’s officially released, discover top tips about the software and provide suggestions for our development roadmap.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Service Desk on 0345 222 1551 • Option 8 or email

SBS Online is the leading budget planning and monitoring software package for schools, trusts and local authorities. Learn more about how SBS Online can make your life easier.

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