New Attendance Reports for SIMS from SBS

Attendance Reports for SIMS

Reporting on I, X, and Y just got easier with new attendance reports from SBS.

Following on from the latest guidance from the DfE, Schools should resume taking the attendance register when more groups of pupils begin to return to school.

For pupils who are not eligible to attend a session they should be recorded as code X (not required to be in school).

Temporarily, code X can be used for compulsory school age children (usually it is only used where non-compulsory school age children are not expected to attend.)

This includes any pupil who is not in an eligible year group or priority group (children of critical workers and vulnerable children). This may also include children who are in an eligible year group but are not required in school for a specific session, i.e., year 10 and year 12 pupils who are not among the quarter of pupils expected in school at a given time.

SBS have created two sets of reports, the Covid 2016 Reports can only be used if you are running Excel 2016 but the Covid Analysis reports can be used by all.

In the provided .zip files you will find three documents. two .RptDef files for the Attendance Reports or Analysis Reports, and a set of instructions on how to import and run the reports.

Please download the file depending on whether you are running 2016 or not and extract the files to a folder on your computer, then follow the instructions for use.

Covid 2016 Reports →

Covid Analysis Reports →

You can find the up to date Attendance guidance from the DFE at the link below:

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