Advice on Learning Aims for the new 2 Year A Levels.


With the introduction of the new form A Levels, which will be 2 year courses as opposed to a single year AS Level followed by a single year A2, there is some confusion in how these should be recorded for learning aims.

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The main thing to take away is that in most cases the AS Level will be designed to be run alongside the first year of the A Level Course. This is not always going to be the case, however, and should be checked with the relevant exam board.

A student will be able to decide to take the 2 year A Level course at the start of year 12 and follow this through to completion at the end of year 13. The learning aim would therefore (for this census) have an end date in 2017.

A student will be able to take an AS Level course this year and then decide to continue this in the 16/17 year by moving onto the A Level course. The learning aim would be for the AS Level in 15/16 and then the A Level in 16/17. This is basically the same as you currently do.

A student will be able to start taking an AS Level, then midway through the year decide to move to the A Level without intending to take the AS exam at the end of 15/16. In this case the AS Level learning aim would be ended, and transferred to a 2 Year A Level learning aim ending in 16/17.

A student will be able to start taking the 2 year A Level course with relevant learning aim ending in 16/17, but then decide to take the AS Level as well. In this case the A Level learning aim would be ended and transferred to an AS Level learning aim. The A Level learning aim would then be submitted for the 16/17 year.

Download the official DfE guidance notes which includes the examples above and further scenarios now.

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It is important to note regarding funding that EFA funded A Levels there is no change, but Skills Funding Agency funded A Levels will require a funding adjustment.

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