Catholic Education Services (CES) Census 2018


For some of you the Census is now done, but for others you still have another one to complete, the CES Census.

Please see below a link to a Completing the Census guide, along with a couple of bits taken from it to get you on your way.

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Things to check first

  • All new pupils have been assigned a religion and an ethnicity
  • All new members of staff have been assigned a religion and an ethnicity
  • Free School Meals information is up to date
  • Any member of staff with a Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies has this or “CCRS” assigned as a qualification
  • Any member of staff with a National Professional Qualification for Headship has this or “NPQH” assigned as a qualification
  • In the case of maintained schools, ensure that only members of the leadership team i.e. executive headteacher; headteacher; deputy headteacher and assistant headteacher have been allocated to the leadership category in SIMS. Independent schools and colleges may choose to assign holders of equivalent roles (eg members of the senior management team) to the CES Leadership Team category.
  • In the case of support staff, ensure that members of staff carrying out roles listed in Appendix B have been assigned those roles in SIMS.


  1. Create a new CES Census
  2. Complete missing information in panel 2 (school information)
  3. Press ‘Calculate all details’ button to populate remaining panels In panels 3 to 11
  4. Complete answers not calculated by SIMS
  5. Check answers that SIMS has calculated and correct if necessary
  6. Save the Census
  7. Create and validate
  8. Check the summary report
  9. When signed off by head, authorise the Census

If you have any problems with this Census the CES has provided a support desk which is open until Friday 9th February which can be contacted on any of the options below.

  • Click here to raise a support ticket on the online helpdesk
  • email to
  • telephone: 020 7901 1909 (9:30 – 16:00 Monday to Friday)
  • telephone or email diocesan census representatives, who can assist with common support questions

SBS provides Capita-accredited support, consultancy and training for SIMS. Learn more about how to get the most out of your school data.

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