JEDU Online GDPR Compliance Tracking Software

FREE to all schools that have appointed Judicium as their school’s Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Our expert partners Judicium Education provide Jedu - online GDPR compliance tracking software - for schools. Pick the leading tool for school data protection officers - a mandatory role in state schools in England and Wales.

Our platform is suitable for single schools or large MATs and is designed to assist schools with two critical needs:

JEDU Online GDPR Compliance Tracking Software data graphic

To enable trustees, governors and other schools leaders to monitor GDPR compliance

JEDU Online GDPR Compliance Tracking Software reporting graphic

To assist your data protection contact(s) on the ground to manage your GDPR obligation

GDPR Dashboard for school leaders

  • Monitor compliance levels across all schools and drill down into danger zones within each school
  • See which areas of non-compliance remain outstanding at any one time
  • Compare number of data breaches across all schools including reportable breaches
  • Compare number of subject access requests across all schools and monitor deadlines
  • Compare number of freedom on information requests across all schools and monitor deadlines
  • Compare school performance across different geographical areas and local leaders
  • Access all compliance documentation

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