About the SBS Budgets integration with Arbor MIS and IRIS Financials

Posted  3rd March 2022
Posted by  SBS Budgeting Team
Our previous budgeting blogs covered SLT insight, national insurance, maternity pay and temporary NJCs

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SBS Budgets is the leading integrated budget planning software. Did you know it synchronises with Arbor and IRIS Financials? And the integration is free!

It's of high importance that schools and MATs are aware of all options available to them to save administration time and use data effectively. Ahead of an exciting Spring announcement for SBS Budgets integration in the coming weeks, it is worth factoring the latest school data sync solutions into your long term planning and to support your vision. 

More details after this infomercial:

It doesn't matter how many of the software packages depicted above you currently use. The important takeaway is that there is a solution available for true integration between the leading education management systems and to factor it into discussions when devising a software strategy that works for your school. The peace of mind could go a long way!

Let's get it set up for you!

SBS Budgets integrates with IRIS Financials

A budgeting system that delivers true integration with academy and MAT finance & accoutancy software. Dual entry is time that could be spent on more strategic practices. Synchronise your school finance data at the touch of a button.

  • Time savings: Synchronise your chart of account structure, budget forecast, budget import
  • Reduced errors: Avoid the errors from using multiple spreadsheets
  • Peace of mind: Build and report your budget plan with the latest data

See it in action

SBS Budgets integrates with Arbor

A budgeting system that delivers true integration with school, academy and MAT MIS software. 85% of school spend is staffing - crucial data to analyse and optimise! Synchronise your staff data at the touch of a button.

  • Time savings: A single point of entry for your staff details, costs and contracts
  • Accuracy: No dual entry of contracts. Salary scales, employee numbers, continuous service dates all match-up
  • Accessibility: Convenient, cloud-based access at all times

See it in action

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Join the club! You'll love our software. We believe in developing software that supports your vision.

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