SBS Budgets Spring Update 2022 - SBS Assist for ‘how to’ guides, CPD hints and tips

Posted  17th March 2022
Posted by  SBS Budgeting Team
Our last blog was an update on NJC Support and Teacher salary scales. Find out how SBS Budgets can help >
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The SBS Budgets Spring Update has delivered three significant enhancements for users. This blog focuses on SBS Assist, which hosts a range of ‘how to’ guides for all SBS Online software.

Existing users: You will have been notified about the launch time of the Spring Update via the SBS Online Service Desk who will also be on hand for any queries during and after.

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As ever, if you have any questions about how SBS Budgets could help with your financial planning workload please feel free to contact our team on and 0345 222 1551 | Opt 8.

Spring update iii. SBS Assist

A new self-help module that will help both new and existing customers by providing a range of ‘how to’ guides for all SBS Online software, which will also be a general budgeting CPD resource.

Whilst we love speaking to users regularly, we believe this will enable users to self-serve their troubleshooting at their convenience and add-value to their software use/CPD. But by all means, do call us to discuss the SBS Assist video you're watching for added 'added-value' :).

The SBS Assist documents library will continue to grow over time with more guides being added regularly

How can we advise you on the SBS Assist update?

"I'm an existing user, I'd like help with this" "This makes me consider buying SBS Budgets"

Actions for SBS Budgets users:

  • Activation? - There's no actions required to enable this feature. However, if you have any questions please contact us.
  • Feedback - Overall, SBS have ambitious plans for our software including greater integration, increased flexibility for MATs and enhanced reporting. We look forward to sharing this journey with you, so do continue to feedback to us.
  • Keep updated - Keep an eye on the alerts in the SBS Online dashboard for instant software advice and guidance when you are using the planner.

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