Capita's Insight webinars for primary senior leaders

Posted  5th October 2015

As a school leader you will want to know what’s working in a school and what isn’t - but with so much going on, it’s often hard to have everything you need all in one place.

SIMS gives you an overview of everything that’s happening, so you can provide the evidence you need and communicate effectively with your staff, without having to pull lots of information together. With real-time data, you can also track the impact of the strategies you put in place. You need the information and the tools to make decisions about the issues that matter. Continuing with the success of last term’s free webinars Capita are running further webinars this term. These 30 minute webinars will provide you with an insight into how SIMS can help you to manage the plethora of changes to primary education over the coming years.

Our School Business Services SIMS consultants will provide further information and will help you to implement any developments and improvements for the schools use of SIMS.

Analysing progress in Early Years Foundation Stage - 07.10.15 With accountability for Early Years Pupil Premium funding, tracking progress effectively is vital. This session will provide an overview of the key benefits of SIMS EYFS resources for tracking progress. Using SIMS to view school performance indicators - 14.10.15 Whether your focus is school improvement or preparing for OFSTED, we understand that having real-time data at your fingertips is essential to driving your school priorities forward. This session will demonstrate how you can instantly capture an overview of your school based on the wealth of data held within SIMS on your desktop and through the SIMS School Report. Managing the effectiveness of behaviour interventions - 21.10.15 With the introduction of Ofsted unannounced behaviour inspections, this session will demonstrate how SIMS can be used to show patterns of good and poor behaviour and the impact of rewards and sanctions. SEND in the classroom - 04.11.15 With the need for classroom teachers to have SEND information at their finger tips this session will discuss some of the ways in which this key data could be accessed via the SIMS register. Demonstrating the impact of the Sports Premium funding - 11.11.15 An exploration of research and best practice related to the use of Pupil Premium funding. Practical support in to how to use self-evaluation to plan and implement intervention strategies to increase pupil outcomes. Supporting effective teaching with SIMS on tablet devices - 18.11.15 With the increased demand on teaching staff, it is important for teachers to have access to accurate pupil data anytime, anywhere. This session will demonstrate classroom entry of attendance, assessment, behaviour and achievement. Data for school governors - 25.11.15 With responsibility for holding the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, familiarity with on going school performance data is vital for governors.This session will explore some of the ways in which SIMS can provide key data for governors. Storing pupil evidence in SIMS - 02.12.15 The need for teachers to maintain audit trails of incidents, interventions and communications is increasing. This session will explore the ways in which the SIMS linked documents and communication log can support this work. Raise attainment with powerful, intuitive pupil data analysis - 09.12.15 With the recent changes to the new national curriculum, schools require a powerful pupil data analysis tool to enhance attainment. This session will demonstrate through using SIMS Discover how your school can successfully analyse attainment and evidence progress within the Primary school curriculum. Click here for more info →