Why Chromebooks?

Posted  15th July 2021
Posted by  Paul Green

Is your school considering investing in Chromebooks for staff and students?

Demand for Chromebooks has increased by 122% each year. And using a Chromebook is simple! The pupil picks up the Chromebook from the trolley, which can be used to charge the devices. Once you lift the lid, within a few seconds the login screen appears. Login with an email and password and you are in. Either open the browser to go to a particular website or select an app (an icon on the Bookshelf, usually at the base of the screen).

How can your ICT team manage Chromebook usage?

A school or multi-academy trust (MAT) can centrally manage their Chromebooks via the Google Admin Console. This means that you can apply policies and deploy apps, extensions and bookmarks. The extensions and bookmarks for pupils and staff can also be applied to the Chrome browser for other operating systems such as Windows and iOS. So that no matter where you are in the world, and no matter which device you use, your Chrome browser experience looks and feels the same.

Setup, troubleshooting and data management

If you are having hardware issues with the device which requires a rebuild, this is not a problem as all your work is saved online. The Chromebook takes just minutes to rebuild and re-enrol. Enrolling your Chrome device (Chromebook / Chromebox (desktop PC) or Chrome tablet) applies the policies as set up in Google Admin Console for your school’s domain. One of the best policies to apply, especially for pupils, is to add the domain (@domainname.net) so that they only need to remember the first part of the email address and their password.

Using a Chromebook and worried about losing a document? Never fear as it's saved in the cloud. Don't worry if you have connectivity issues - Chromebooks enable you to work offline, so that when you re-connect to the internet your local documents will sync back to the cloud.

A few points on performance

  • Updates are very quick and only take a few minutes, if that, and you are ready to log in!
  • As for power consumption they last for ages. Fantastic battery life.
  • As your data is stored in the cloud, the speed of the device is as quick as the speed of your school internet - meaning the device itself starts as soon you open it at a lesson or meeting rather than waiting for sluggish hardware. Very efficient!

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