Managing after school clubs and trips takes a leap into the future!

Posted  25th August 2015

Throw out your spreadsheets and notepads, great savings in admin time!

CHQ Virtual Activities Environment (VAE) is an exciting new web-based product that allows you to fully manage all of your out of school activities.

There are no more ungainly spreadsheets or working late trying to match pupils to the available places as parents can sign up and even pay for any activity online. Attendance can be taken on mobile devices so no more pieces of paper flying around outside on the sports field. Anyone can view online calendars which display the activities, clubs and trips (including the teachers timetables for secondary schools). Takes information from SIMS to update pupil and staff data, including statutory pupil attendance. This allows activity leaders to see who should be attending the session. Using the communication utility you can keep parents up to date about any changes, send them a text if the bus is going to be late, or email them about upcoming events. You can even set it up so parents get notified immediately if their child fails to attend.

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