How to add a School Closure in SIMS

How to add a School Closure in SIMS

Posted  30th June 2016

If your school is fully or partially closed due to the proposed teacher strike on Tuesday 5th July 2016, the Y code should be used.

Code Y: Unable to Attend due to Exceptional Circumstances

If a school has to close for some or all pupils on a strike day, the Y code should be used for pupils who are not required to attend. Pupils who are required to attend should be marked down in the usual way. The Y code does not count towards the pupil or school’s absence record. Where a pupil is required to be in school on a strike day but does not attend, the pupil should be recorded as absent. Excerpt from 'Handling Strike Action in Schools' - DfE, October 2014

Creating an Exceptional Circumstance in SIMS

  • Select Focus | Attendance (or Lesson Monitor) | Exceptional Circumstances
  • Click the New button to display the Create an Exceptional Circumstance page
  • Enter the dates e.g. from 05/07/2016 AM to 05/07/2016 PM
  • By default the Group Type is displayed as Whole School. If a different group is required, select this from the drop down list and then click on Search to refresh the display.
  • Select the required Attendance code from the drop down list i.e. Y
  • Enter the reason in the Description field e.g. Teachers Strike Day
  • Highlight the pupils/students e.g. Whole School
  • Click the Apply button; you will see a message confirming that the marks have been applied.
If you require any assistance with this process please call us on 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or email the SIMS Service Desk.