School Workforce Census 2019

Posted  5th November 2019
School Workforce Census 2019

The last census of the year!

Half term has been and gone and now it’s time to start looking towards School Workforce Census 2019 (and the final stretch to Christmas!) Here you are going to find the how to guides, and some of the more common queries and issues for this years’ return. There have been a couple of changes to this which we’ll detail below along with the “preparation” and “producing” guides to assist you in making sure all of your information is correct. As I’ve started my travels around the country helping schools out with this census I’d like to remind everyone to look at your Pay Scales (Tools / Staff / Pay Related) and to make sure that these have been updated to the latest figures for your school. This means updating NJC/Support Staff pay scales from April, making sure you updated last years pay scales for Teaching Staff, and (if your governors have signed off on this) updating for the new teacher pay scales for September 2019. Relating to this, make sure you’re updating teaching staffs Latest Pay Review Date to reflect this years date. Again, remember, this is the date that the pay increases have been signed off for, NOT the date it’s backdated to.

Complete yourself using the guides below:

Preparing for the SWR

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Producing the SWR

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Or SBS can complete this for you:

Further information for the School Workforce Census

Which staff to include and to exclude:

Data does NOT need to be returned for the following if they are not in school on the census day:
  • temporary staff with service of less than 28 days and who are not expected to complete service of 28 days or more
  • casual staff without contracts employed on an ad hoc basis. If these staff are in school on census day then head count data should be reported for them
  • Data does not need to be reported for the following staff, even if they are in school on census day
  • PGCE students on teaching practice
  • trainee teachers on a School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) programme

  • staff working in extended school service provision, for example breakfast and after school clubs, Sure Start and Children’s Centres.
  • staff employed by the local authority that provide support to schools for example peripatetic music teachers, advisory teachers, educational psychologists, educational welfare officers (information on these will be submitted by the local authority)
  • governors and voluntary staff
  • staff for whom there is no role identifier code that equates to the function they carry out, for example clerk to governors, school crossing patrol staff and school improvement partners
  • staff whose contracts finished prior to 1 September 2018
Please note: staff engaged in the normal running of the school, such as cleaners, must be included regardless of when they work, for example before, after, or during the normal school day

Main changes since last year

The DfE have added a new query into this census checking whether a school has a least one member of staff with a qualification subject of 'SEN - SENCO - Z201'. If it is true that no member of staff has this qualification then please add a note on COLLECT when uploading. Related to this is query 6550Q - At least one staff record in this school’s return should show a role of SENCO (SEN Co-ordinator) under a current contract. If you are a Special School it might not make sense for someone to have been given this role. In this case please add a note on COLLECT explaining this.

The SWR Staff Post "Support Staff (SUP)" is no longer a valid post and you will find that this is against the majority of your support staff. Capita have made this post be mapped to the new post of "Other Support Staff (OSP)" when validating your census, however it is advised that this change be made in the relevant Service Terms. Another Post that you may need to update is where you have a non-teaching member of leadership staff. There is a new post for staff in this position which will also require you to update in the relevant Service Term. You can update these in Tools / Staff / Pay Related.

The following data items are not required if the staff SWR post is Other Support Staff (OSP):
  • Qualification code
  • Subject code
  • Category of Additional Payment
Good luck with your census and at least you can take a little solace in the fact that you won’t need to think about census’ after this one until after Christmas!

Contact SBS if you need help

As usual we can complete your workforce census for you using our School Workforce Census remote service. If you would like to book this service, have a consultant onsite, or have any queries at all please contact us on the usual number of 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or email

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