SIMS Assessment - KS1 use of 'N' grade in scaled scores

SIMS Assessment - KS1 use of 'N' grade in scaled scores

Posted  22nd June 2016

Earlier this month, the DfE released the tables to convert Key Stage 1 raw scores into scaled scores.

The tables showed that raw scores of 0, 1 or 2 convert to a scaled score of 'N'. However, this was contrary to what had been expected and therefore the existing Key Stage 1 wizard in SIMS does not allow for the recording of an 'N'.

Therefore, CAPITA have just released a new Key Stage 1 wizard and this can be downloaded below:

Download now! →

The new wizard will allow for the N grade to be recorded and reported on against the following:

  • EN KS1: Reading Test Scaled Score AWL
  • MA KS1: Maths Test Scaled Score AWL
  • EN KS1: GPVS Test Scaled Score AWL
It also includes the required P-scales in Science.

To import the wizard and templates

First unzip the file you have downloaded. Then in SIMS, go to:
  • Routines | Data in | Assessment Manager | Import
  • Locate the wizard you have just downloaded
  • Import and follow the import process
  • Now repeat, this time selecting the Templates file and continue through the import process, selecting the templates for import
If you require any further information or assistance with this, please contact our MIS Service Desk on 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or