Updated KS4 Resources including Scatter Graphs

Posted  7th December 2016

New Version of CAS Key Groups Inspection Dashboard Report

This report has now been updated to include the 2016 National figures which have just been published. When imported, the updated report will overwrite the previous version which we notified you of in our blog on 30/09/2016. It is important to be aware that the figures are for internal individual and group comparison only. With the publication of the RAISE reports for 2016 results, the original CAS KS4 Key Groups reports for 2016 and 2017 are no longer included in the zip file. The 2016 report is no longer needed since schools have the actual figures and the 2017 version is replaced by the Dashboard report.

New KS4 RAISE Scatter Graphs

A further addition to the KS4 resources, this macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet is designed to work with the CAS KS4 Overview templates from the 2017 version onwards. The spreadsheet is initially populated with dummy data.

To use these graphs with your own school data:

  1. Export a complete, calculated marksheet into Excel (unformatted)
  2. Go to the Raw Data tab in the scatter graph Excel workbook.
  3. Copy the student names and paste them over the dummy data
  4. Next, copy the columns from the KS2 Average Fine Points Score column onwards, and paste over the dummy data.
  5. The graphs will populate with your school data.  Double click on a data point to see the name of a student.
Download the latest SIMS Assessment KS4 Resources zip below which has been updated with the new files. Download now! → Please note: as with all of the KS4 resources, any comparisons of predicted grades with figures for last year should be treated with caution and are for internal school use only to highlight groups and individuals who may be in need of intervention. Should you require any assistance please contact our Service Desk on 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or email MISservicedesk@schoolbusinessservices.co.uk