Statement in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Posted  11th March 2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Statement in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This statement sets out the steps that School Business Services is taking to help keep staff safe from the Coronavirus and therefore maintain as consistent service offering as possible. Also contained within are the measures we are taking to ensure business continuity for School Business Services and your school.

What is SBS doing?

  • Encouraging handwashing and sanitising for all staff and guests
  • Ensuring staff understand the importance of covering their mouth when coughing or sneezing, with tissues being disposed of immediately, and washing their hands
  • Ensuring regular cleaning of both the Head office in Poole and the regional office in Milton Keynes, with doorknobs and hand-rails being disinfected
  • Ensuring toilets are kept clean and well stocked with soap and paper for hand-drying rather than towels
  • Taking steps to prepare staff for remote / home working
  • Keeping ourselves up to date with Public Health England (PHE) and relaying regular updates and advice to staff
  • Advising staff to not enter any SBS or school building should they show any of the symptoms highlighted by PHE:
- Cough - Fever - Shortness of breath

  • Or if they have returned from, or come in contact with someone from the following countries in the last 14 days:
- China - Italy - Thailand - Japan - Republic of Korea - Hong Kong - Taiwan - Singapore - Malaysia - Macau Or if they have an underlying medical condition.

  • All SBS staff have access to a 24-hour health helpline should they have any concerns or wish to seek professional advice

What we ask our customers / schools to do:

  • Keep up to date with Public Health England (PHE)
  • Guide staff and pupils about the importance of adhering to PHE advice
  • Inform us immediately if any staff, pupil (or their family members) has been tested positive for COVID-19

What happens if your onsite engineer / consultant is unable to attend site due to COVID-19?

In the event that a member of our staff becomes infected or needs to enter a period of self-isolation, SBS will do their very best to deploy an alternative member of staff to your school. If, owing to shortage of capacity, we cannot provide another member of staff, we will liaise with you to undertake as many tasks as possible remotely. SBS are experienced in supplying a range of remote support packages and options, therefore this will minimise the impact to your school.

What happens if your school closes to pupils and you are due to receive an onsite visit?

SBS will continue to support your school under the original terms and conditions or those set out in the point above.

What happens if your school closes completely and you are due to receive an onsite visit?

SBS will still support your staff remotely via the Service Desk channels. All available SBS staff will perform as many tasks and checks as possible, whilst remaining available to school remote workers, therefore minimising the impact to the school and workload when the school reopens.

How are schools who do not receive onsite visits impacted?

Any schools or trusts who currently receive remote or managed services from SBS, will continue to receive a full, uninterrupted service. If you would like to understand more about how we do this, please contact us directly.

Keep up-to-date

To keep up-to-date please see our dedicated website page: As a company we are keen to ensure that we are supporting staff, schools and partners wherever possible. We want to thank you for your support and understanding in relation to the steps we are taking.