School Workforce Census Autumn 2017

Posted  27th October 2017

With November rapidly approaching and the half term break finishing it’s time to start looking forward to the School Workforce Census Autumn 2017.

Here you are going to find the how to guides, and some of the more common queries and issues for this years return. You’ll all be happy to hear, that currently there's no need to import a new fileset if you have the latest one from the School Census – Fileset 704. Click here if you haven't. Our preparation documentation is now available for you to download via the links below.

Preparing for the School Workforce Return

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Producing the School Workforce Return

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Common and known issues

Error F6220 - Subject code 1 is invalid

The DfE have updated the “JACs” codes for qualification subjects and in the vast majority of cases this will not cause an issue. It has been noted that code Education – X000 is now invalid and has been superseded by more specific education codes. To fix this please go into the staff members Professional Details and update their qualification subject.

Query 4100Q - Qualified Teacher with teacher number missing

This query is now triggering on Unqualified Teachers due to them having a role of Classroom Teacher. There is no way to remove this query from your census and therefore a note will need to be added when uploading your census to COLLECT to state that it has been checked and the data is correct. It is important to note that this only applies to Unqualified Teachers and all other qualified teachers do still require a teacher number. This includes qualified teachers from Overseas who (depending on where their qualification comes from) need to register with the NCTL. Click here to visit the NCTL website.

Which staff to include and to exclude:

A common question that we are asked is who should be included. The guidance is as follows.

Data does not need to be returned for the following if they are not in school on the census day:

  • temporary staff with service of less than 28 days and who are not expected to complete service of 28 days or more
  • casual staff without contracts employed on an ad hoc basis. If these staff are in school on census day then head count data should be reported for them
  • Data does not need to be reported for the following staff, even if they are in school on census day
  • PGCE students on teaching practice
  • trainee teachers on a School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) programme
  • staff working in extended school service provision, for example breakfast and after school clubs, Sure Start and Children’s Centres. Please note: staff engaged in the normal running of the school, such as cleaners, must be included regardless of when they work, for example before, after, or during the normal school day
  • staff employed by the local authority that provide support to schools for example peripatetic music teachers, advisory teachers, educational psychologists, educational welfare officers (information on these will be submitted by the local authority)
  • governors and voluntary staff
  • staff for whom there is no role identifier code that equates to the function they carry out, for example clerk to governors, school crossing patrol staff and school improvement partners
  • staff whose contracts finished prior to 1 September 2016

Staff on Zero Hour Contracts

Another common query we have is on Zero Hour contracts which can cause a variety of queries and errors as the system does not like you putting in a contract with no hours.

The following is the guidance from the DfE on how to handle this:

Hours for staff on zero hours contracts should reflect the hours they work in a typical week and base pay should be calculated in line with those hours. Where it is not possible to determine the hours worked in a typical week then the staff should be recorded in the occasional teacher count if they are present on census day. If it is not possible to determine a typical week and the staff are not present on census day then they should be omitted from the census return.
And that’s all from us on the Workforce, if you have any issues please don’t hesitate to contact the Service Desk on 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or email