Your SIMS Spring 2019 Release

Posted  18th March 2019
Your SIMS Spring 2019 Release

Your SIMS Spring 2019 release is going to be available from Friday 22nd March

Along with the usual fixes and making the Summer Census available there have been a few upgrades to the system. See below for some of the highlights or you can download the whole release notes below. 2019 Primary release notes ➝ 2019 Secondary release notes ➝
As usual we will be contacting schools we support to arrange a date to carry out this update outside of school hours, but if you haven’t been contacted and need this doing for you, please contact the Service Desk on the details below.

Anonymising Staff Data in FMS

Tools | Setups | School Options To assist schools in being GDPR compliant and to retain the integrity of the salary related financial data held in FMS, where Personnel Links are in use and the option to exclude staff leavers from the salary extract has been selected in SIMS, excluded staff data will be substituted for anonymised data in FMS

Enhancements to the Delete Staff Routine

Routines | Staff | Delete Staff The Delete Staff routine was originally intended as a means of deleting a member of staff from SIMS who had been recorded in error and therefore had no links to other areas of SIMS. To assist schools in being GDPR compliant, the rules that determine whether a member of staff can be deleted have been relaxed It is now possible to delete a member of staff where the data recorded against them in SIMS is restricted to one or more of the following areas:
  • Curriculum
  • Curriculum & Lesson Planner
  • Staff details:
    • detention supervisor
    • vehicle owner
    • any email
    • any group supervisor
    • telephone
    • current address.
  • Employment history
Please note: Unused user logins in SIMS System Manager can be deleted via Focus | System Manager | Manage Users. If a member of staff has data recorded about them in any other area(s) of SIMS, it will continue to be impossible to delete the member of staff.

Viewing the Status of a Behaviour Incident

Focus | Behaviour Management | Maintain Behaviour Incidents It is now possible to review changes made to the status of a behaviour incident by clicking the Change Log button in the Details panel of the Behaviour Incident Details page.
If you need any help or would like to arrange your upgrade, please call us on 0345 222 1551 • Opt 3 or email