SIMS Summer Release

SIMS Summer Release

Posted  29th June 2017
SIMS Summer Release

The SIMS Summer Release is due for release on Friday 30th June 2017 and includes several enhancements and new areas of functionality

New features and updates include the introduction of EYFS in the Programme of Study area in Assessment Manager, updates to the Performance Indicator Reports for Exams Analysis plus changes to support the statutory returns for the Autumn (School Census and School Workforce Census).

Provision of Early Years Foundation Stage Resources in PoS

The EYFS Development Matters statements are now available for use in Programme of Study. Schools can now record achievement for pupils in years N1, N2, E1, E2 and Reception, all within the same framework. This information can be viewed in reports for the Early Years year groups and individual reports.

Improvements to the KS4 PI Reports

The reformed 9-1 grades for English and Maths have been incorporated into the Performance Indicator reports in England for the Summer exams season of 2017. Only reformed qualifications for English and Maths count in the Performance Measures regardless of any early entries. A number of other amendments have been made to the KS4 PI reports to support these changes. Once SIMS has been upgraded in your school you can check out all the changes and new features in detail by clicking the Documentation button on the Home page then selecting Latest Release information. If you know when you would like the upgrade run for your school, for example, during the Summer holidays, please contact our MIS Service Desk on 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 as soon as possible so that we can book it in. Please note: Secondary Schools are advised to have the upgrade applied before Exams download day. If you prefer, you can email us at with details of your preferred date(s).