What’s new in the SIMS Spring Release?

What’s new in the SIMS Spring Release?

Posted  3rd June 2015

SIMS Spring Release Update

An overview of the exciting changes in the SIMS spring release.

Assessment Without Levels Solution (Primary only)

The long-awaited SIMS solution to Assessment Without Levels is available, although only for primary curriculum at the moment.
  • Schools will now have access to a brand new programme of study area within SIMS Assessment, where teachers can review and assess against the entire national curriculum programmes of study for every subject across KS1 and KS2.
  • When teachers record achievement, the new onscreen analysis clearly indicates a pupil’s progress towards national curriculum end of year or key stage expectations instantly.
  • The update also includes easy access to individual pupil reports to review attainment and progress towards end of year or school expectations.
SIMS Spring Release

Pupil Premium

You can now report on Pupil Premium in the attendance reports by STAR and by Vulnerability. In addition to this you can add the PP Indicator to the Register, and it will show on the pupil/teacher view. This should help your teachers ensure that they know who the Pupil Premium pupils are and for you to be able to easily report on this group and therefore have this key information at your fingertips.

Course Manager

The Withdrawal Reason will be required for post-16 schools. This will now be included in the release and will show as an option when making a post-16 learner a leaver. Please note that the DfE has clarified its specification to indicate that they are not expecting to receive learning aim withdrawal reasons for 2014/15 learning aims. This is good news as it means that schools will not need to “back fill” withdrawal reasons for 2014/15. The DfE understands that this clarification means that there is likely to be very little withdrawal reason data included in this year’s Autumn Census. For more information speak to your SBS consultant or call the Service Desk on 0845 300 8179 option 3.