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Course description

Examinations Organiser supports all aspects of managing external and internal examinations.
This course covers reviewing the set up of the software, importing and structuring basedata, creating and submitting files for entries, Coursework marks, Managing and Seating candidates and creating appropriate base data for domestic examinations.

ict audits and forward strategy

Target audience

  • Examinations Officers
  • Administrative staff with responsibility for internal examination entry and organisation

Upcoming dates

Full day London training course – 28th April 2020 – Now being delivered via Webinar

Location: London – Swiss Cottage School, Development & Research Centre

Full Day Course with refreshments and a buffet lunch included – 10am to 4pm

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By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Set up the examinations organiser module – Seasons, Basedata, Candidate numbers and UCIS
  • Enter Candidates for exams and record coursework marks
  • Submit data to exam boards via electronic data interchange
  • Use Examinations organisers deating organiser and deal with clashes
  • Explore various reports available when managing exam entries
  • Create appropriate basedata
  • Clone a basedata series

Knowledge required

A working knowledge of internal and External examination procedures.

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